FreeDOS Is 23 Years Old, and Counting

The FreeDOS Project has just reached its 23rd birthday! This is a major milestone for any free software or open-source software project. more>> Source: Linux Journal

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Popular WordPress Plugins Slow to Add Meta Box Support for Calypso

During the State of the Word at WordCamp US 2016, Matt Mullenweg announced that Calypso was plugin aware. Calypso is a REST API and React powered application for the desktop created by Automattic in 2015. Developers with plugins active on 1M sites or more received an email invitation from Andy Peatling to begin building support […]

How to Manage Your Star Employee

Managing your star performers should be no sweat, right? After all, they’re delivering results and exceeding targets. But don’t think you can just get out of their way and let them excel. They require just as much attention as everyone else. How do you manage someone who is knocking it out of the park? How do you […]

Hreflang Attribute 101

Learn what a Hreflang Attribute is, where it goes, the problems that often arise with it, and how to troubleshoot. Source: SEM Rush

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Artificial Intelligence Can Be Our Best Travel Guide

Travel has become a mainstay in American society. Whether traveling abroad or exploring the best places to live in California, today’s technology has become one of the more important companions for people on the go. Fortunately, technological advances have created computer systems that learn about their users needs, wants and desires quickly so they may […]