Microsoft's Office 365 subscription push pays off; what it means for biz

Microsoft last week quantified its success at driving customers to never-ending payments for its software, saying that 120 million active users are on a workplace-provided Office 365 subscription plan. “We now have 120 million monthly active users of Office 365 Commercial,” said company CEO Satya Nadella in an Oct. 26 call with Wall Street. That […]

How Amazon Has Shaped the Big Data Landscape

If any ecommerce platform has been a proving ground for what big data can do, it’s Amazon. This is a company that, unbeknownst to some, isn’t just an online merchant. It’s a big data behemoth and pioneer that specializes in finding ways to connect customer data with business initiatives. Amazon Web Services It didn’t take […]

Embracing Business Intelligence for a Better Tomorrow

Business intelligence is a business terminology that involves activities such as querying, data mining, and reporting. It refers to activities and technologies used for extracting meaningful data. These activities vary from sorting columns in a spreadsheet to trolling through large data using complex software. Business intelligence is only effective with database management. This is because […]

Get the Actionable Feedback You Need to Get Promoted

Andrew Hays/EyeEm/Getty Images Tamara joined her company as a group manager. Her deep technical skills, competence in managing people, and ability to deliver results helped her get rapidly promoted to vice president. Tamara was well-regarded by the executive team at her company, many of whom continued to encourage her professional advancement. In her organization, several of her […]

Astronaut Scott Kelly on Working in Space

Scott Kelly, a retired U.S. astronaut, spent 520 days in space over four missions. Working in outer space is a lot like working on earth, but with different challenges and in closer quarters. Kelly looks back on his 20 years of working for NASA, including being the commander of the International Space Station during his […]

Create maps in R in 10 (fairly) easy steps

Do you have some data with geolocation information that you want to map? You may not think of R when you’re looking for a GIS platform, but new packages and standards have helped make the R programming language a surprisingly robust platform for some geospatial analysis. These examples will demonstrate how to map election results, […]

In the Workplace of the NFL, the Players Hold the Upper Hand

John Leyba/Getty Images “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” With those emphatic words at an NFL owners meeting in New York on October 18, 2017, Houston Texans owner Robert C. McNair set off a firestorm. His all-pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice in protest, and the entire team threatened a walkout that was […]

Bonus downloads: How to make color-coded thematic maps in R

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Why COOs Should Think Like Behavioral Economists

Dave Wheeler for HBR When Yelp was a startup with just 15 employees, the office manager began to stock the kitchen with drinks and snacks to get everyone through the long afternoons. Juice, water, fruit, chips, and as much candy as could be stuffed into the small kitchen drawer. Being at work was like being, well, […]