4 Fundamental Benefits of CRM Use

4 Ways CRM Software Can Change Your Business For the Better Thinking about using CRM software? While you may not realize it yet, customer relationship management software, or CRM software, can help to change the way you do business.   Many types of CRM software solutions exist. However, each of them come with some amazing […]

What Trends Are In Store For Data Storage?

Data storage trends become more encouraging year after year. Larger-scale companies discover storing and managing data becomes much easier to manage as new innovations and trends develop. Even those requiring data storage for personal, non-commercial purposes should look at the big changes in data storage. Unique trends emerge and do so on a continual basis. […]

The time-saving typing trick every Android user should try

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but I love finding clever little ways to save time and make life a teensy bit easier. And when it comes to Android and Chromebooks, boy howdy, are there plenty of efficiency-enhancing gems just waiting to be unearthed. To read this article in full, please click here Source: […]

Gutenberg 1.8 Adds Greater Extensibility for Plugin Developers

Gutenberg 1.8 was released this week with several notable improvements that will give plugin developers more flexibility in extending the editor. It introduces block templates, which developers can use when registering a new custom post type. The block templates define a set of pre-configured blocks that will initialize when a user creates a new post. […]

How Cryptojacking Could Harm Your IT Environment

By Phil Goldstein Malicious online actors can infect your organization’s computers with malware, turning them into cryptomining machines hunting for bitcoin and wasting energy in the process.   Source: BizTech

The Advancement in Running MOT Data Services

MOT data and ‘the big check’, is a much-dreaded process among many car owners. An annual test of a vehicle to ensure safety standards, emissions levels and more, the thorough process checks everything from breaks to the exterior lights. Many find themselves waiting for as long as an hour for the MOT test to be […]

How to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project

juanluisgx/Getty Images A middle manager at a global technology organization — let’s call her “Denise” — had a problem. She’d come up with the idea of revamping the company’s inventory management approach by networking together “sleeping” resources. Specifically, she proposed a system that tracked the real-time inventory needs and usage of business units worldwide, located […]

Hackers Are Targeting Your Mobile Phone. Here Are 15 Ways to Slow Them Down

Multi-bits/Getty Images Mobile phones have become the new prey of choice for hackers and other nefarious individuals. Once compromised, our phones offer easy access to our personal and financial information, giving hackers the ability to sell that information on the dark web and to ransom our information. But despite the growing threats to our smartphones, […]