AI Tools to Help You with Your Online Advertising Spend

  Marketing your business online is a costly business. Gone are the days where you could rely on organic reach. You have to pay to play the game. But getting your online advertising spend wrong could cost you a lot of money for little gain. There are a range of artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed […]

Tapping AI to Counter Rising Ransomware Threat in Big Data Era

As cyber-attack outbreaks go, WannaCry didn’t really last that long from the time the first infection was discovered on the morning of May 12 until the kill switch was released by Microsoft three days later. In that short span, however, the damage reached $5 billion while hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide were compromised. Using […]

SQL Server 2017 on SUSE Enterprise Linux Server offer

This post is authored by John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data. Since SQL Server 2017 on Linux was made generally available on October 2, 2017, we have seen tremendous growth in adoption. We’ve had ~ 5 million Docker pulls for SQL Server 2017 on Linux and are seeing strong affinity with our customers who […]

Analytics For Gmail Are Now Possible – For You, or Your Employees

Have you ever wondered what your email productivity is really like? Or have you wondered how much time your employees are wasting on fielding poorly written emails, or sending messages that aren’t necessary? There’s a new analytics tool for Gmail—called EmailAnalytics—that gives you insights on all your team’s emailing habits. But for small businesses with […]

Understanding the Role of Big Data in the Lending Industry

For lenders and financial institutions, accuracy and predictability are key drivers of success. Being able to predict when a borrower will repay a loan or when it’s likely to be sent to a collector can mean the difference between running a profitable business and losing the shirt off your back. And at the heart of […]

USAFacts breaks down government financial data with Power BI

On tax day this year USAFacts is relying on Power BI to publish a 10-k report to provide a comprehensive view of the combined US federal, state and local governments’ revenues and expenditures. The data is collected from multiple government sources including the US Treasury Department, the Office of Management and Budget, the US Census […]

Why the Future of Social Media Will Depend on Artificial Intelligence

With an estimated 2.77 billion social network users around the globe, social networking platforms possess an unimaginable amount of data. The reach of social networks is expanding at an alarming rate around the globe in 2019. These figures will continue to grow. Social media provides a phenomenal amount of user-generated data. Due to the nature […]

Power BI GDPR Whitepaper is now available

In May 2018, a European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is due to take effect. The GDPR imposes new rules on companies, government agencies, non-profits, and other… Source: Microsoft Business Intelligence