Amazon sells a part of its Chinese business for $301 million

The strict rules in China is clearly affecting American businesses. The latest casualty in this list is Amazon. In announced that it will be selling computing equipment used for its cloud services to its local partner, Beijin Sinnet Technology Company. This move is aimed to comply with the new Chinese regulations on how foreign companies […]

More Super quantum processors coming your way

Imagine how cool it’ll be if you got to work on super computers and super processors.. You’ll be able to do at least twice the amount of work in half the time that you’re using right now. Well, this could be a reality as companies are looking to offer their supercomputers and super processors as […]

What’s new in Nutanix?

Over the last couple of years, Nutanix has been calmly creating and readying a set of tools and processes for companies that want to deploy cloud computing within their own IT departments. To this end, Nutanix has announced that it will be adding a few developer tools and services to its Enterprise Cloud OS software […]

Kroger in on cloud, but not on AWS

The nation’s largest grocery store chain, Kroger, is moving to the cloud.  But, it has decided to stay away from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead, it has decided to give millions of dollars to Microsoft and Google for using their cloud services. This pattern is something that we’ve come to see across many retail giants. […]

2018 Cloud Predictions from Forrester

Forrester has come up with a bunch of predictions for 2018 and how it can transform the cloud industry. Dominant players : The existing cloud companies would continue their dominance in 2018 too. Currently, AWS, Google and Microsoft account for 76 percent of the total market share in the cloud industry. This will increase to […]

Google and Salesforce come together to twist the cloud market

Two major giants in the world of cloud computing, Google and Salesforce, entered into a key partnership on Monday. Under the terms of this agreement, Salesforce’s clients who don’t currently use  G Suite will get this package free for one year. This move is expected to increase the user base of G Suite. Also, Salesforce […]

Are we nearing the end of cloud?

Does this question surprise you, especially at a time when all major cloud companies such as AWS, Microsoft and Google are reporting stellar profits buoyed by the success of their cloud business? Well, we’re still nearing the end of cloud and here’s why. Long-term sustainability Building applications in the cloud is not easy, especially when […]

Alibaba does it again

Alibaba, often called as the fastest growing cloud company in the world, has once again declared stellar results for the third that ended in September. A statement released by the company says that overall sales increased by 61 percent, and this includes both its cloud computing and core ecommerce businesses.  The cloud computing revenue alone […]

Why did Doppler Labs fail?

Doppler labs, the maker of Here One ear-buds, is shutting down. This San Francisco-based company was founded in 2013 by Noah Kraft and Fritz Lanman, who continued to be the CEO and Chairman respectively. Kraft had experience in the entertainment industry while Lanman was an angel investor. Both of them came together to create a […]

Aibo robot dog – cuteness and smartness bundled together

Aibo robot is an artificial intelligence-powered robot from the house of Sony. This robot dog can wag its tail, chase balls and even learn new tricks from you like giving you a hug or a high five when you come back home. According to Sony, this new robot can form an emotional bond with you […]