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Guess who didn't take care of it?

This software team built and supports a large, complex financial application for Microsoft and Oracle databases -- and one pilot fish is pretty much the only developer supporting it on the Oracle side.

"They wrote and tested everything against Microsoft SQL Server first, then ported it to Oracle," says fish. "Oracle was always an afterthought.

"The product had an interface layer for each database that made it a lot easier to support both platforms. But SQL Server and Oracle have significant differences, and we wrote a lot of database stored routines -- written for SQL Server, then ported to Oracle. That's usually where I came in."

One well-liked programmer (and long-time employee) named Fred is tasked with changing a particular module. He modifies a stored procedure for SQL Server, but doesn't make any changes to the corresponding Oracle stored function. Result: QA reports the Oracle interface as "broken."

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Source: Computer World Enterprise

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