N.Y. AG's scrutiny of cryptocurrencies unlikely to stymie a thriving industry

States and the federal government are increasing their scrutiny of cryptocurrencies in an attempt to bring more transparency to a market where buyers and sellers are anonymous and regulatory oversight is light. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoin, and Ripple skyrocketed in value last year as investors sought to get in on what many see […]

You won’t believe why the Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4093118, keeps installing itself

Yesterday, I talked about the weird bug that makes April’s Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4093118, re-install itself over and over, even when Windows Update says that it’s been installed successfully. Windows sleuth abbodi86 has discovered the source of the problem, and it should give you patching pause. To understand how we got into this mess, […]

9 Android settings that'll strengthen your security

You might not know it from all the panic-inducing headlines out there, but Android is actually packed with powerful and practical security features. Some are activated by default and protecting you whether you realize it or not, while others are more out of the way but equally deserving of your attention. So stop wasting your […]

How to use a strong passcode to better secure your iPhone

With police departments and federal agencies lining up to buy technology from two companies whose products can bypass iPhone security mechanisms, experts said users concerned about privacy should use a strong passcode to help prevent unwanted access to data. That’s also true for enterprise users with iPhones that access potentially sensitive coporate data. [ Further […]

Patches for Win10 1703 and 1607, and a brain-twisting update to the Win7 IP bug fix

Yesterday, the third Tuesday of the month, Microsoft dumped another big bucket of patches: KB 4093117 brings Win10 1703 up to build 15063.1058, many miscellaneous fixes, no known issues. KB 4093120 brings Win10 1607 to build 14393.2214, a similarly large bunch of fixes, no known issues. KB 4093113 is the regular Monthly Rollup Preview for […]

Is it time to kill the pen test? | Salted Hash Ep 22

Host Steve Ragan reports from the show floor at RSA 2018, talking with guest Adrian Sanabria, director of research at Savage Security, about de-emphasizing network penetration tests to put more focus on attack simulations and helping companies improve their defenses. Source: Computerworld Security

Before you panic: 6 things to remember about Android security

Android security sure can seem like a scary subject. And it’s no wonder: Every few weeks, we see some new hair-raising headline about how our phones are almost certain to be possessed by demons that’ll steal our data, eat our ice cream, and pinch our tenders when we least expect it. This week, it’s a […]

12+ things you can do with a locked iPhone

With so much focus on staying productive, it may surprise you to realize just how many things you can do with a locked iPhone. What can you do and how can you switch these features off? Wake it up The Raise to Wake feature available since iPhone 6S/SE means your iPhone can tell when you […]

Well, DID she ever change her password?

Flashback to the days when this pilot fish is managing an email system for several corporate clients, and he needs to pick good passwords from the get-go — because these users will never bother changing them. “I wrote a program to generate accounts and to create a password,” says fish. “The system consisted of a […]