Familiarising with MAAS

Recently a number of new designers and developers joined our team – welcome Caleb, Lyubomir, Michael, Thomas and Shivam! As part of the introduction to Canonical and the Design team, each member of the team gives an overview of the products we design for. As the Lead UX designer for MAAS I did so by […]

Designing product page templates for ubuntu.com

During our user testing sessions on ubuntu.com., we often receive feedback from users about content on the site (“I can’t find this”, “I’d like more of that” or “I want to know this”). Accumulated feedback like this contributed to our decision here on the Web team to find a more standardised way of designing our […]

Command-line usability: A terminal user’s thought process

I’ve been thinking about the usability of command-line terminals a lot recently. Command-line interfaces remain mystifying to many people. Usability hobbyists seem as inclined to ask why the terminal exists, as how to optimise it. I’ve also had it suggested to me that the discipline of User Experience (UX) has little to offer the Command-Line […]

Webteam development summary

Iteration 6 dating between 14th to the 25th of August This iteration saw a lot of work on tutorials.ubuntu.com and on the migration of design.ubuntu.com from WordPress to a fresh new Jekyll site project. Continued research and planning into the new snapcraft.io site, with some beginnings of the development framework. Vanilla Framework put a lot of […]

Cookie notification component

We’ve all seen the annoying cookie notification which website owners are legally obliged to include on their sites. We can’t avoid them, so let’s have some fun with them. Previously, for Canonical’s sites, the cookie notification was a shared CSS file and JavaScript file that we injected into the head of each site. This resulted in […]

Vanilla Framework has a new website

We’re happy to announce the long overdue Vanilla Framework website, where you can find all the relevant links and resources needed to start using Vanilla.   The homepage of vanillaframework.io   When you visit the new site, you will also see the new Vanilla logo, which follows the same visual principles as other logos within […]

Simplifying local development: The ./run executable

Canonical’s webteam manage over 18 websites as well as many supporting projects and frameworks. These projects are built with any combination of Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Go, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or OpenStack Swift. We have 9 full-time developers – half the number of websites we have. And naturally some of our projects get a lot of time […]

Designing build.snapcraft.io

In January, I was presented with a design challenge. Many open-source software developers use GitHub. Let’s make it as easy as possible for them to build and release their code automatically, as a snap software package for Ubuntu and other Linux systems. The result is now available to the world: build.snapcraft.io. My first task was […]

June’s reading list

Here are the best links shared by the design team in June 2017: How I Create Talks Technical Speaker Starter Kit 4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries The Road to Burnout is Paved With Context Switching MVP: I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think it Means What is the difference between […]

May’s reading list

Here are the best links shared by the design team in May 2017: Introducing a faster BBC News front page Brick Block Create storyboards for your animations Introducing the Citymapper Smartbus Design Better Data Tables Screen Sizes: Viewport Sizes and Pixel Densities for Popular Devices Lost My Name Design System GitHub’s Public Speaking Culture Style […]